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“You dare to think of another man in my presence?” The Alpha growled with a burning desire in his eyes. He glowered at Lavinia whose hands were tied. “What does that man have that I don’t? That filthy vampire, you think he’s going to save you?”His hands ran through her bare skin, sending shivers to her spine.“Please, leave me alone,” Lavinia begged in desperation. Tears welled up in her eyes.“Then be mine, Lavinia.” He leaned closer to her. His breath fanned her face. “I’ll make you the happiest woman alive.”Lavinia shook her head. She pursed her lips while watching the man in front of her. He may be a great man with power but her heart longed for someone else.“No. You’re not him… You’re not Sebastian.”"We had an unspoken deal: He gave me warmth, colors, and lies. In return, he asked for my blood when he's thirsty, my body when he's cold and my heart when he's bored. The funny part is, I still think it's quite a bargain." - Lavinia de Llava

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  • Immortal DesireEpilogueIn the Northern part of the Vacil Empire, there was a specific region where the temperature never rises despite season changing. The cold was dreadfully unbearable. It was known as the snow paradise for the snow never stop falling throughout the year but for few, it was accurate to be called the hell’s gate. There was a legend about hundreds of years ago, about the blood demon king who emerged from the snowy ground in the north. His skin was as pale as snow while his hair was the opposite, as it was black like the starless midnight sky. With eyes as clear as the frozen ice, he looked ethereal. Walking in the ice desert, barefooted, his crimson blood tarnished the pure white surface. It was said that he rose from hell to create a world where demons, humans, and other races coexist. He wandered to different lands with nothing but his cursed blood which possessed great power. In his journey, he met people whom he shared his b
  • Immortal DesireChapter 60The nightmare was over. Thanks to the holy celestials who stopped the war that almost caused the empire's destruction. They distributed healing potions to those who were injured and with the gods' blessings, they were able to revive those who were killed. But the said revival of the dead was only for humans who were involved in the dispute between the vampires and beasts. Ezekiel, the messenger of the gods and goddesses, had to wipe the memories of the bloody war from the human’s mind, to protect the peace. He believed that if humans knew nothing about the existence of other races among them, as long as the blood and beast tribe avoid causing conflicts to one another that will harm the mortals, they could live their daily lives without fear.Ezekiel was meticulous when doing his job, it was almost a complete perfection like nothing happened if not for the bloodstains that could be seen here and there. It made the
  • Immortal DesireChapter 59The elders were almost done subjugating the beasts intruders in the capital. The potion that Claudia made helped them a lot, although, the number of casualties was more than what they expected. Those who have the ability to heal others started to spread out to help. One person came to their mind when they found out a lot of survivors but were severely injured. Rupert Millavo. The only person that could possibly treat all the injured at that moment, it should be him. Aside from learning medicine, he was known for treating patients with a hundred percent chance of living. After he captured the main threat and the mastermind behind the beasts attack, Cisto went to the hospital to check on the doctor. He was expecting Rupert to be tending on the patient and couldn't believe when he actually saw him fighting against an alpha."Oh, this redhead was here all along then?" Cisto muttered when he recognized Rupert's opponent. They wer
  • Immortal DesireChapter 58The blue sky was suddenly covered by thick, humongous clouds. Even the proud sun left no trace of its light. Thunders roared above as flashes of lightning crossed in the dark sky. There was no sign of rain or a storm coming. It was more like a bad omen befallen on earth.“It’s a bad idea to leave the cave,” Seth said while stopping Latina from leaving. After she gave the baby a name, she started to get panicky.“No, we should leave immediately. I could hear them coming. It’s dangerous if they find out about Victoria,” Latina argued. Hugging the baby in her arms, she walked out of the cave. The wind was strong, but she made sure that her baby was safe.“Who are they? If you want to leave then we should head back to the lord’s mansion,” the knight suggested.
  • Immortal DesireChapter 57It was midday. The bright sunlight reached the interior of the cave through the small cracks above. The thick fog earlier in the dawn was gone. The sparrows in the wild started to hunt for insects to eat after several minutes of singing. Life went on outside the cave while a new life was expected to bloom inside. On the contrary, countless victims lose their lives in Buscia City. The war was still going forward and between the sharp fangs of death, humans perished one after another.Seth was breathing loudly while leaning his back on the cave wall. He fell asleep after scooping Latina from the ground when she slumped down while crying. He had no idea why the lady was suddenly emotional. Comforting wasn’t his forte. Afraid to say the wrong thing that might worsen her mood, he offered his shoulder to leaned on, and she cried silently until she was tired. Latina dozed off. She was sound asleep when she felt a stinging pai
  • Immortal DesireChapter 56Chaos. A word that best described the bloody scene. Men and women, children, and old, they cried, begged, and desperately prayed to be spared. The once lively capital turned into a lake of blood. Corpses were everywhere and it kept increasing. Some were intact while most of them were ripped, smashed, and with missing parts. The stench smell of blood was all over the place.The special soldier led by Tyler rampaged. They killed anyone they see breathing. Pulled their guts out from their body, sliced their head and limbs off without blinking an eye. “Go get them all!” The blue alpha ordered. He was sitting on a bench while watching those around him plead for mercy. ‘Too bad… if I couldn’t kill the strongest then I’ll eradicate the weak first,’ he thought. His leisure time ended when he was pinned down on the ground. He felt a strong force pulling him from below.
  • Immortal DesireChapter 55The sun was at its highest peak. Coming towards the southern borders of the Vacil empire, hordes of raging beasts was approaching. Led by their respective alphas, the beast warriors lined up in an open field, approximately ten kilometers away from the empire, beyond the mountain ranges, waiting for the signal to attack. While the secret soldiers of the Wyslien kingdom have already begun their sneak attacks earlier than planned. Composed of the best fighters from different packs, under the direct command of the blue alpha, Tyler, they started their mission: To eliminate vampires as much as possible.For the citizens of the empire, specifically in Buscia city, it was yet another day to live. Without knowing about the upcoming disaster, people started their daily activities. The vendors opened their stalls first thing in the morning, hoping for a bountiful sell for the day. Store owners and other large establishments had their

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